A Holistic Approach to Vocal Wellness and Parkinson’s Disease

“KT and Be Heard! are my weapons in this inexorable battle with Parkinson’s
Disease. She knows what she’s doing and does it with grace and humor. The
hour I spend with her each week enables me to feel like a winner, not a victim.”
– Peter Rugh, Be Heard! student

Be Heard! with KT Warren is a group voice class for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Private lessons are also available, but the group class allows for a dynamic within the exercises that cannot be achieved one-on-one.

In class you will:

  • Play games to sharpen your
    communication skills
  • Push through the Parkinson’s Mask
  • Learn to direct your sound
  • Connect with others
  • Learn to improve your mood by using
    your voice
  • And more!
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